Come with the college skiing in Tuixent La Vansa!

Come with the college skiing in Tuixent La Vansa!

The Nordic ski season Tuixent - The Vansa through the travel agency offers VILÀ Betriu combined ski stays, cultural activities and recreational activities for schools and colleges.

The nordic ski stays at the station include:
  • 3 h. daily ski with qualified teachers.
  • Rental of material. (Skis, boots, poles).
  • Every day ski pass
  • Ski
  • Insurance ski instructor.
  • Accommodation in the village of Tuixent (Cal Cortina or Alberg Mirador )


1 day

28.00 €

2 days / 1 night

116.00 €

3 days / 2 nights

196.00 €

4 days / 3 nights

268.00 €

5 days / 4 nights

340.00 €

Also with the bus service travel agency we offer VILÀ Betriu:Bus + roundtrip transfer from your school + the population of Tuixent to the ski slopes, every day.

*Does not include lunch on the first day and the day trips not only instilled the coach.


These states of Nordic skiing can be combined with cultural and recreational activities in the village of Tuixent.

Herbal shop + visit to the Museum of Trementinaires 5,62 €
Igloos and output Workshop Snowshoe 8,32 €
Makeup Game 4,40 €
Trementinaires Museum 1,40 €
and more activities for... 2,45 €

For more information, contact us at our office in Organyà or on the phone number: 973 38 30 58 or email: -